About Us:

YettyMaids Inc , Is a cleaning business services located in Charlotte , North Carolina delivering extensive residential and commercial cleaning services including housekeeping services  , laundry services and organizing services. Do you know that exposing babies, young children and the elderly to germs can cause lead to serious illnesses?

YettyMaids is one of the few companies in Charlotte to offer a cleaning service that guarantees a germ free environment for you and your family.  Yetty is a certified public Health professional and a certified microbiologist with over 25 years in the hospital environments.

We make sure you come to clean home but come home to a clean home, just the way you like it!With YettyMaids, your home is cleaned with antibacterial & anti viral natural products you can trust. We use safe products that are kids and pet friendly from your front door, to the kitchen, bedrooms and the bathrooms.

Our main goal is to earn your business at every visit. Your satisfaction is paramount to us; we will not drop our wipes and mops until you are satisfied.

At YettyMaids, we don’t stop at cleaning, we help with decluttering and organizing any part of the house. Life can get in the way, let us take those chores off your list. Oh and not to worry, we’ll be sure to give you tips on how to maintain it before our next visit.